Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Card Photo's

It's always been a struggle to get a nice family picture for our Christmas card. I always try to do it myself, by setting the timer on the camera and the photos never turn out nice. This year I decided to make a deal with my sister, who is pretty handy with the camera, that if she takes ours, I'll take hers. So we found a spot and spent an hour taking pictures. She did a fantastic job as always. Braxton, Hailey and Logan
The Family.....

Me and my sweet pea!

She looks so innocent....

This is my favorite picture of Braxton, he's getting so old.

Logan's Blessing

Thanksgiving weekend, turned out to be a busy time....along with hosting family for the holiday, we also decided to bless Logan that Sunday. And to top that off, the bishopric had asked me to speak in church that Sunday. (yuck!) I hate to speak in church. It's always so stressful for me to prepare the talk and I'm just not a very good speaker period. The interesting thing is, prior to being asked, I'd been thinking about how blessed I am, and just feel very grateful for all the blessings I have, especially having this new little one in our home, and the topic of my talk was to be based on the message given by President Monson titled "Joy in the Journey". Finding joy in our lives and being grateful for what we have, here and now.
It was almost like the whole experience of trying to become pregnant coming full circle.
The blessing went very well and I got through my talk, very emotionally I have to say, but I got through it.

I do feel very grateful for all that I have....I come from a wonderful family, I married into a wonderful family and I have a wonderful family, and it doesn't get much better than that!
Logan Porter Ellsworth
He is now just about 2 months old and doing great. When we first brought him home we really struggled with the sleeping at night, as he was up just about every hour and a half to eat. I felt like a zombie all day and tried to sleep when I could, but when you lose sleep there is no catching up. After the 5th week, he started to do better and would sleep for 3 hours at a time, which was much better.
He now does almost 4 hours at a time and sometimes even 5. He still eats like crazy! and is huge! But he is sweet and we are all so happy he's here.

Thanksgiving 2010

We had a great thanksgiving this year. My parents and brother along with his wife and daughter came out to spend it with us (my sister and I). This is the first time my parents have come out for any holiday, so it was fun to have them. We had a great time eating, playing games and just spending time together. We had Thanksgiving dinner on Friday instead of Thursday, so we could have it with my brother and family. We had so much food, it was a day full of eating! I was even glad to see my parents try a piece of every pie....:) Watching the football game...
Braxton Playing Rock Band with Uncle Jarom and Aunt Liina

Of course the BYU vs Utah game, Mike was the only Ute fan and was pleased when they won.

It wouldn't be Thanksgiving weekend if we didn't do our Christmas graham cracker houses. Growing up we did these every year, and every year my mom would spend the night making the frosting for everyone. I have taken over that job, so I think my mom secretly found pleasure in watching me do it....:)

The kids making their houses. Braxton's, Kira's and Noah's all bit the dust at least one time before they finished.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010


Halloween fell on a Sunday this year, which normally isn't an issue since most neighborhoods still celebrate it on Saturday. However, this year, because the kids didn't have school on the Monday following Halloween everyone decided to trick or treat on Sunday. I was really bugged, since I'd already bought the kids costumes. We did have our ward trunk or treat and we also went to my sisters ward trunk or treat to get good use out of the costumes. On Halloween we had Sunday dinner with family and some friends and then let the kids decorate cookies. They seemed to be ok with not trick or treating.Braxton and Hailey designed their own pumpkins and Mike helped them carve them.
finished products

Hailey feeding the baby.

Braxton, scary jester and Hailey, super girl
Super girl in action

Braxton decorated our trunk for the trunk or treat

He's here!

Finally, baby Logan was born on October 14, 2010, via c-section. He was 8 lbs 8 oz and 20.5 inches long and we named him Logan Porter Ellsworth. When I was recovering in the post op room, I could hear a baby screaming. I was pretty out of it and thought it was Logan, not realizing there were other women and babies in there with me. I was thinking..."oh no, a screamer!" When I looked over at him he was just quietly hanging out in his bassinet. I was so relieved, it was another poor ladies baby! He has been such a good baby. He does eat like a maniac, and there are days when I feel like all I do is feed him (He gained 2 lbs in 2 weeks, so I think we are going to have another big boy), but other than that he's been fantastic!Mike and Logan waiting to be discharged on the day we brought him home from the hospital.1 day old My sister, Kristine was kind enough to come over, when he was a week old and took a bunch of newborn photos of him. These are some of the "untouched" photos that she took. She did a great job!

This is my favorite!

Braxton and Hailey adore Logan! I had to ban them from coming to the hospital after the 2nd day of fighting over him.... :) So they were very excited when we brought him home.

Braxton even changes diapers!

We are all so happy that he is a part of our family!

Friday, October 01, 2010

Tender Mercies....

This past summer has been a bit of a strange one for me. Through out all of the activities and usual summer vacations it just seemed that trials and tragedy were happening all around. End of May the kids got out of school for summer vacation and we were all excited for what lie ahead for the next couple of months, boating, swimming, visiting family, vacations, sleeping in....etc.

The second week into the summer break we found out that my nephew Noah, had been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. It was quite a shock as nothing like this had ever been an issue in my family before. My sister and her husband, now had to make some very big changes in their family's lives.

I also had a friend in my ward who found out that her 3 year old son had a rare brain tumor. Through miracle after miracle they were able to find it, and get in with a Dr who was able to remove it(just this past week).

Another family in our ward had their father and two sons struck by lightening. One of the sons had actually died, but through CPR and I'm sure the Lord's will, was brought back to life and after several months of therapy is doing pretty well.

At the end of the summer my brother and his wife were expecting their 2nd child, a little girl. Liina and I were exactly 2 months apart. I was very excited that my baby was going to have 2 little cousins his age to keep him company. The day before Liina was due I recieved a call from my dad letting me know that the baby had passed away. Eventhough this was a very sad time for all of us, we were able to witness how thin the veil is and how much our Heavenly Father loves us. What could have been a very horrible and tragic time turned out to be a peaceful experience for my brother and his wife.

One night, while thinking about all that had gone on this summer I realized something....with each experience I could see when Heavenly Father was relied on and when he wasn't. When humility and faith were exercised and when pride and bitterness got in the way. Do we use the trials in our lives, no matter how big or small, as stepping stones to help us grow closer to our Heavenly Father, or stumbling blocks to pull us further away? Do we grumble and complain and focus on the "why me" or do we try to better ourselves through our experiences?

I was watching "Music and the Spoken Word" the other day, and between the songs, the narrator said something that has stuck with me...."The Good Shepherd is vigillant by day and by night. When the shadows get darker and the threats seem more real, He stands ready to help. when disquieting sounds and hidden dangers intensify our fears shake our peace, He offers the night His song shall be with me. That song is a song of peace amid the storms of life of comfort dispite heartache and pain. And above all it is a song of love and tender watchcare. No matter how dark the night we can feel heavens light. That doesn't mean bad things won't happen, good people will suffer, hearts will be broken, and anguish in one form or another comes to us all, but we can trust in the Lord's promises. In our quiet moments we listen to Him who's song in the night was first Peace, Comfort and Joy to the soul."

Monday, September 06, 2010

Summer break ends to quickly!

Another school year has begun. And this year, I am an empty nester until the baby comes in October. It's actually been kind of lonely to be here alone all day, but I know that it's not for long. Braxton is in 5th grade, his last year in elementary school and Hailey started Kindergarten (out here it's all day). Braxton is always indifferent when school starts up again. He's not excited and he's not dreading it, Hailey on the other hand was very excited to wear her new clothes. She had no idea what she was in store starts at 7:40 am, so the bus comes at 6:43 am and Hailey is not a morning person. It's been a struggle for both of us to get her off, a lot of tears and frustration, but she hasn't been late yet.

Lake Murray

The day after we returned from Utah, we repacked and headed out to Lake Murray, South Carolina. Mikes sister, Kerri and stepmom were able to join us. It was so relaxing to hang out at the pool, boat and do absolutely nothing! A great end to the summer break. Braxton and Ellie getting ready to jump off the dock.
Her first time swimming and she once she got in it was hard to keep her out.

Mike just the pink tube.


Even the dog is enjoying the relaxation..

Getting up in the morning, boating and swimming in the pool and be really tiring.

It's a rough life...

Hailey definately enjoys the camera.
Grandma Patti and Hailey took apart this puzzle thinking it wouldn't be a big deal to put it back together in three days......boy were they wrong. Everybody ended up having to work on it.

I am happy to report that we were able to get it put back together before we left.

Sunday, September 05, 2010


Well, we finally made it back to Utah. After lastyears cancelation, due to health issues, we were very excited to be able to go out there and visit family. While we were out there my family had reunion and most of my family was able to be there, minus Jarom, Liina, Mark and Abe. The kids had so much fun spending time with their cousins. We were also able to see Mike's Mom and Stepdad, who live out there part time now, Mike's sister, Traci and our friends The Colemans. There is always a sense of returning home when we go out there.

Enjoying our day at the park with my family.
Our family reunion was a little different this year. We usually spend the weekend up in Park City, but due to a softball tournament this year, which occupied all of the hotels up there, we were unable to go. So my sister, Kerry pretty much took over and set up a fun day at the park for the kids. She set up a waterslide, and games to keep them entertained and they absolutely loved it!
Braxton enjoying the slide.
The kids also had a water balloon fight. There was a big plastic bucket of water balloons, which took all morning to fill up, and about 5 minutes to empty.

More water games.

Hailey, Grandma Hanson and Braxton

Mike surprised us (well as good as Mike can surprise) with a mustang, convertable as our rental car. It was fun to ride in, however, being pregnant and riding in the the hot sun not the best circumstances.

We were able to go to Stacy's pool while we were there. Braxton decided he was going to jump off the high dive....let's just say I had a few contractions watching him do it.

Zach doing a flip.......AAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!
We spent a day with the Colemans. We went to the Hansen Planetarium, and Gateway Mall, so the kids could play in the water fountains.

Hailey and Kenzie playing in the water.

The air in Utah is a little different then here. When you are wet and not in the sun, it can be chilly, where as here it's so humid, you stay warm.

Kenzie and Hailey at the planetarium.
Yikes!Like father, like daughter.Me resting, and Braxton keeping me company.